Bodegas Montilla Moriles

Visits to Bodegas Montilla Moriles – Unique Experiences

In the world of winemaking, the winery is the soul of all wine production, where the entire winemaking and storage process takes place until it reaches the final consumer, whether in restaurants or at home. A whole process that we want to tell you about, detail and show you, so that you can see with your own eyes the art of a winery.

There are two types of wineries: wineries that have their own vineyards within their facilities so they are self-sufficient in the production of their wines, and on the other hand, wineries that do not have vineyards in their facilities and need grapes from external vineyards that are usually from small farmers in the area to facilitate transportation and eliminate unnecessary expenses.

Prepare your backpack and your camera because you are going to discover an incredible landscape and an experience that you are not able to imagine.

In Bacus Travel you can do wine tourism in which you will visit the wineries of Montilla Moriles where you will learn about the production and storage of wine, its uses and properties and its unique characteristics. Among the existing wineries in Montilla you can visit the following:

Wineries to Visit

Bodegas Alvear

From 18€

Alvear is one of the most prestigious and internationally recognized wineries in Andalusia and Spain. The Alvear winery has extensive vineyards located in the Sierra de Montilla and Moriles (Córdoba). Here its main grape variety is the Pedro Ximénez, native of the Rhine, a grape that becomes the unique base of its sweet wines, finos, olorosos and amontillados.

Lagar de Vendimia en Montilla

Harvest Press

From 15€

In this space you will find the production machinery, where the fruit of the vine is crushed to obtain the wine in a traditional way, a technique that was formerly done by crushing the grapes so that the liquid would come out through a small hole that filtered the stems and pulp of the fruit.

The wine presses with a history that transports you to another era and products that are exactly as magnificent as when they began to be produced in their beginnings. Discover a little piece of history at everyone’s fingertips.

Winery Visits

In Bodegas Montilla Moriles you can visit places and places where wine lovers and wine tourism enthusiasts can meet and visit the villages located within the Designation of Origin Montilla Moriles.

With Bacus Travel you can enjoy wine tourism in the Montilla-Moriles area and make visits to wineries to learn how wine is produced, elaborated and preserved, you can also make a tasting of their wines and typical food of the area.

Discover a unique experience and let yourself be guided in these wonderful surroundings full of magic and history. Where history merges with tradition, we find the best setting for a winery.

Trust us to guide you in this great adventure that is the visit to unique wineries, whether they are Bodegas Alvear or Lagar de Vendimia. Years of experience behind us in guided tours to these great structures surrounded by charm. In Bacus Travel we are always at your disposal to offer you the best prices, flexible dates and memories to last a lifetime.