Family vineyard visit

Vineyard visit in Montilla

Visiting the vineyard, the land and the grape variety we grow means getting into the soul of our wines. This visit with a sommelier will introduce you to our grape variety, the agricultural work carried out in the vineyard, the harvesting season, the type of soil, the climate and many details that will make you perceive our wines as an experience in itself.

Enjoy a walk through the vineyards of Montilla with Bacus Travel, discovering its environment, its climate, extraordinary views and the history that surrounds it. Immerse yourself in this interesting journey through the viticulture of Cordoba!

Please book in advance for the Vineyard Tour. Comfortable clothing and footwear are recommended for the activity, which is subject to weather conditions.

Tour Vineyards, the place where it all begins

Discover the vineyards of Montilla, a traditionally dry land where winemaking begins thanks to the planting of vines. (Vitis vinifera).

El fruto es mimado con pasión por sus agricultores, para conseguir unas condiciones óptimas de sabor, color, aroma y textura antes del proceso de la vendimia en una de las zonas vitinícolas más antiguas, bonitas y sorprendentemente desconocidas de España.

¡Disfruta de un paisaje maravilloso en la Sierra de Montilla y de su pasión por la viña y el vino!

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/ person

Visit Vineyards with Bacus Travel

Bacus Travel is committed to wine tourism in Montilla, a city famous for its wine history and known for its Denominación de Origen Montilla Moriles. This is one of the many experiences we offer you related to Montilla wine: Bodegas Alvear visit, Wine Tasting, The Wine Cellar Route, Tailor-made wine tourism…

Visita Viñedos en Montilla

Number of people

The “Vineyard Visit” activity has a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 20 people.


The “Visit to Vineyards” activity lasts approximately 1 hour.


The “Vineyard Tour” activity, like all our experiences, is available in 3 languages: Spanish, English and French.


The “Vineyard Visit” activity takes place from Monday to Saturday at 11am. Ask us about the possibility of a visit on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays.

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