Puente Genil

Puente Genil

From 8€ /persons

The guided tour to one of the closest towns to Seville and most important in Córdoba will consistof aguided tour around the archaeological site, visitors center and Alamo’s Fountain. Then, we will take a walk through Miragenil, the Bridge, National Square, Alianza Factory and historic centre.

You must visit Conception’s Sanctuary and the different museums of the old Victory’s Convent (Archaeological Museum, Singer Fosforito’s Museum, Pérez Almeda’s room, Holy Week’s Museum). We will end with the visit to the conventual church “Our Lady of Victory”

Number of indoor spaces to visit: 5

*Tickets for monuments are included

Previous reservation is required

4 Hours approximately

English, French and Spanish

From Monday to Sunday in the morning

NºMINIMUM: 1 pax | NºMAXIMUM: 20 pax

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Montilla has a rich and interesting history represented by monuments and characters that we will show you in this visit, with the company of vocational guides with 25 years of experience.


This city is known for the great heritage wealth that it offers to the visitors. Enjoy a guided tour to learn about its rich history.


Alvear is a must see in the PDO Montilla-Moriles, the family has been making nationally and internationally renowned wines since 1729, the winery is only 35minutes from Córdoba.