Guided Visits

Immersing yourself in the villages of Córdoba and knowing its history, monuments, anecdotes and curiosities it is not the same without the help of a professional guide. You will learn much more and you will not regret!



Montilla has a rich and interesting history represented by monuments and characters that we will show you in this visit, with the company of vocational guides with 25 years of experience.


This city is known for the great heritage wealth that it offers to the visitors. Enjoy a guided tour to learn about its rich history.


Declared as Historic-Artistic Site in 1972, Priego is the cradle of Baroque art in Córdoba. Discover its squares, narrow streets and its most distinguished monuments.


Lucena has a rich heritage as result of its historical past. It was the dwelling of Neanderthals and a Jewish city from the VII to XII Century. It preserves great monuments of Baroque art from Cordoba.


Zuheros is a beautiful village located in a mountain range called “Subbética of Cordoba”. It was declared a Historic Site in 2003. Its traditional architecture, lookouts to the ravine of the river Bailón and landscapes make it one of the most visited places in the province of Córdoba.

Visitas Guiadas en Puente Genil


Visits to the main monuments of Puente Genil are included. It is an opportunity to visit a Cordoba’s city that have a great heritage value.


Located at the foot of Subbéticas Mountains, its great geological and natural value stands out. The “Very Illustrious and Loyal City of Cabra” is since antiquity, a singular town, full of nooks and tourist attractions.