Córdoba has become a world reference for gastronomy, based on the use of fresh ingredients offered by our land and that we accompany with our excellent olive oil and our famous wines.



from 61.50€

Enjoy a special gastronomic experience among vineyards and within the charm family winery. Do you want to prepare typical dishes of our gastronomy?


From 42.75€

A very funny activity, in which parents and children can participate by making their own chorizo together. We will develop this activity in a family winery, dating from the 18th Century and located in a privileged environment surrounded by vineyards and olive groves.


From 11.70€

The olive is not only used to produce oil. Much of the production goes to be served as a dish in table to be eaten. If you want to discover the recipes that are jealously preserved since ancient times to “dress” the olives and test their results this is your experience.


From 26,50€

We offer you the opportunity to learn to cook typical dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine whose main ingredient is olive oil; In a privileged environment surrounded by olive groves in the heart of the Cordoba countryside.