Family Getaway

Unique weekend with children

We propose you to travel with your children staying in a flat in the centre of Montilla, in this getaway we include a visit to the olive grove and oil mill to learn about the properties, sensations and aromas of our oils, as well as a winery where we will introduce you to the world of wine in an educational way. Enjoy an original weekend with children in the best place to do it!


Visit to the olive mill and olive grove

Our getaway with children in Andalusia starts with our guided visit to the olive grove and oil mill in Montilla, which will allow you to learn about the production process of extra virgin olive oil, one of the best olive oils in the world.

Un recorrido por los secretos del proceso de fabricación del AOVE, su recepción, extracción y su almacenamiento. Find out more about this unique experience in the olive oil mill and olive grove visit.


Winery Getaway

Official visit to Bodegas Alvear in Montilla, the oldest winery in Andalusia, with our sommelier. We will show you the whole production process of the wines of our land, walking through the winery, the wine press, the fermentation room, the ageing cellar and the bottling area.

In addition, you will enjoy a guided tasting in the tasting room to taste Amontillado, Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez wines. Our winery getaway is an unforgettable experience for wine and food lovers! Find out more about the Bodegas Alvear visits.


Accommodation in Montilla

You will stay in a cosy flat in the centre of Montilla. Fully equipped, with lift, parking space, heating and air conditioning. Located in one of the best areas of the town and very close to the tourist attractions of the city. Find out more about our Accommodation in Montilla.


And if that’s not enough, you can extend your weekend with children in Andalusia with other visits and catering services. Book now!
* Advance booking is required. 

Desde 45,45€
/ person/night

A getaway with children in Andalusia

Montilla is a perfect destination to visit with your family and discover the wonderful world of wine and olive oil. A unique and original experience not to be missed.

Fin de Semana Original con Niños

Number of people

The activity “Unique weekend with children” has a minimum of 2 people and two nights.


The approximate duration of the activities of the “Getaway with children in Andalusia” are as follows:

  • Guided Visit to Olive Grove and Olive Oil Mill: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Guided Winery Tour: 1 hour and 30 minutes


The activity “Weekend with children in Andalusia”, like all our experiences, is available in 3 languages: Spanish, English and French.

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